Congratulations to researchers from the University of Oxford, University of South Wales and Swansea University on being awarded funding from the Anaerobic Digestion Network’s latest PoC round. The publicly available summaries are available here.
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KTN IB Catalyst

Engineering Event

9 Jun 15 - Manchester

This is a free consortium building event which aims to present information to Engineering academics and encourage them to apply their skills to IBBE problems and become involved in IB Catalyst proposals. More information can be found in our NEWS section or you can register directly here.


R&D Forum

University of Southampton

Our joint R&D conference was well attended and presentations were varied and interesting. If you attended, you should have received a link to the presentations. Visit our picture gallery from the day.
Diary Dates

Let us know if you are....

-holding an event and we will help publicise it -looking for partners for funding collaborations - we have a lot of member contacts -working on some interesting research: we can help publicise it -thinking of getting some colleagues together to discuss a specialist topic - we can provide funding